Search: Help
The simplest case is searching for a single word (or term), in which case you just 'type and go'. Terms need to be longer than 3 characters, for example:

konfig    or    geostation

Options: Find

The method of searching can be defined using four other options.

The first can be used to define boolean operations.

  • any terms is equivalent to boolean OR.
  • all terms is equivalent to boolean AND.
  • exact phrase performs the search with the whole term string.

Options: No sound alike matching

Selecting this option turns off the ability to match words that sound like the search string. Leaving this turned on permits searches to locate misspelt words.

Options: Sort by

Enables you to sort the search results by relevance or last modified date.

Options: Display options

Results can be returned in groups of 10, 25, 50 or 100 depending on the amount selected and are shown sorted by relevance or the date the file was last modified. Relevance is a score based upon the frequency with which the requested key terms appear in the documents.

Results can be returned with or without the summary information.