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The science of engineering...

...The art of technical illustration

For nearly two decades, Auto-trol has been the leading supplier of technical illustration software solutions for the world's foremost automotive, aerospace, defense and commercial firms. Auto-trol answers these organizations' increasingly complex electronic publishing needs with Tech Illustrator (TI), a suite of powerful drawing, editing and annotation applications that enable the creation of precise artwork that accurately communicates product views. All fully Microsoft® compatible and all designed to redily allow the reuse and re-purposing of engineering designs. The result? With Tech Illustrator, companies can improve the quality of their visual product information, reduce associated costs, increase productivity, comply with government and industry standards, accelerate the electronic publishing process and speed time-to-market.

As our publishing flagship, TI continues Auto-trol's rich history of providing advanced and innovative technology for a number of applications, including asset management, network configuration, and information and process management. Technology that is founded on a unique understanding of our clients' needs and backed by comprehensive service and responsive support. Which explains why organizations around the globe depend on Auto-trol for proven solutions to their business challenges and why Auto-trol has become a recognized leader in the industry, with numerous sales and support offices located world-wide.

Illustrating the challenges

Whether in the aerospace or transportation industry, manufacturing electrical components or metal parts, your firm's need to visually communicate product information has never been more crucial. Today, precise technical illustrations are a vital element of the product assembly, operation and service, sales, and support materials your company relies on to compete successfully. The accuracy, cost and speed with which they're produced can have a wide-ranging impact on your entire operation - affecting product introductions and, consequently, revenues.

The challenge? To convey complex part views with precision and quality while reducing costs, increasing productivity and accelerating the technical illustration process. The solution? Tech Illustrator from Auto-trol.

Draw on the strengths of Tech Illustrator

Tech Illustrator features a unique and true composite file founded on a 3D cartesian coordinate system. Complete with raster, vector, typography and imbedded intelligence, this innovative format enables the importation of a wide variety of graphic information for direct use as reference material. Which means it allows the reuse and re-purposing of both engineering design and legacy data into product views - saving the time and cost previously spent re-creating existing materials and eliminating the risk of introducing errors in the process. Advantages that not only result in improved quality, reduced expense, and increased efficiency, but ultimately help speed time-to-market.

With TI, complex and original composite artwork can also be created quickly, precisely, and easily. Because this advanced application offers everything you need to convey exact depiction of parts and critical fit conditions - plus concise assembly, operation, repair and service procedures. Its robust and flexible technical illustration capabilities include:

  • innovative drawing and editing tools for comprehensive graphics creations in 2D, 2.5D and 3D
  • advanced annotation features, including ISO-Latin and wide-character Postscript® typefaces
  • comprehensive illustrative rendering tools for creation of masks, vignettes, tints and colour gradation
  • extensive clip-art libraries for consistent, quick use - and reuse - of frequently needed symbols
  • underlying command and macro language for power users

What's more, it's all designed to provide maximum accuracy and quality, and simple enough for even beginners to navigate through an intuitive point-and-click Microsoft graphical user interface (GUI).

Powerful and flexible technical illustration applications

Tech Illustrator is available in several versions to meet the needs of any size organization. All of which feature Auto-trol's exclusive, reliable and flexible data exchange for direct import and export of standard electronic formats. Plus a broad range of rich application tools to meet the complex challenges of today's technical publishing departments.

Consider the options. Tech Illustrator Plus for Windows NT® (TI+ NT), Auto-trol's premier illustration application, features:

  • flexible and reliable data exchange for reuse and re-purposing of design and legacy data
  • advanced 3D drawing features for sophisticated capabilities
  • compliance with the Microsoft Foundation Class standards
  • powerful Application Programming Interface for seamless integration with third-party products
  • powerful customization tools for tailoring the product to customer specific needs or localizing the product for specific markets.

Looking for a more customized solution to your technical illustation needs? Auto-trol's Integrations Services can readily adapt the product to address your particular requirements. For firms that prefer off-the-shelf functionality, Tech Illustrator Express for Windows NT® (TIx NT) provides the power and ease-of-use of TI+ NT, scaled to smaller needs.

Tech Illustrator plus KONFIG® CM - A match made for management

At Auto-trol, we recognise that creating high-quality technical illustrations is only one of the challenges facing your organisation. Once produced, managing these illustrations and their related documentation throughout the company is of utmost concern. Fail to do so, and the resultant inefficiencies and redundancies can complicate operations, hinder productivity, and delay time-to-market.

The answer? Combining Tech Illustrator with KONFIG® CM (formally CENTRA 2000®). This comprehensive system provides a robust and powerful range of electronic document and product data management solutions. When integrated with Tech Illustrator, it ensures quick, easy access to accurate and current technical illustrations, information and related documentation. As a result,you can:

  • save time spent locating difficult-to-find information
  • reduce errors caused by using incorrect data
  • eliminate costly and wasteful redundancies
  • comply with regulations
  • increase security
  • introduce products in ample time to optimize opportunities

No wonder major companies in the automotive and aerospace industries are already using TI with KONFIG® CM to help them compete successfully in the marketplace.

For further details, contact Centra Technology, or visit the Tech Illustrator web-site.