Consultative Services

Implementation Planning

Implementation Planning enables requirements such as training to be identified and met before, during and after installation. It also provides advice to companies on the implications of the new system for personnal, organisation and management.

Data Management

Data is a valuable commodity since it is the end result of many man hours of work. Centra Technology devises plans to enable companies to maximise the return they get from stored data and to ensure that it is efficiently managed and controlled.

System Integration

A completely new system from Centra Technology is inherently fully integrated. Nevertheless, most businesses already have computer resources of one kind or another. Centra's support and applications team investigate the possibilities for integrating new with existing technology.


Cost-effective solutions to carefully identified problems are provided by Centra Technology through consultancy. Every business is different and may require a completely different approach.

By combining the in-depth knowledge of a business management team with Centra's expertise in tailoring a computer aided design system to meet a need, the most relevant answer can be found.


Properly used networks improve efficiency. Centra Technology will set up the network which fits each situation most appropriately andensures that areas such as access and priorities are determined.


Training is vital for all personnel involved with computer system if an organisation is to fully capitalise on its investment.

Training courses in all product areas, which are attended by new users and, in some cases, by those wishing to top up their knowledge, are run regularly.

Centra Technology will also tailor customised training programmes for its users to meet their wide ranging needs.