Products: KONFIG® NM - Time saving data input capacity
One of the biggest obstacles to implementing a new system is time lost building your data model. KONFIG® NM's bulk-loading capabilities reduce the time and pain of loading data into your system. Data in any electronic format can be integrated into KONFIG® NM's database without rebuilding grpahics. KONFIG® NM will use your data to automatically generate graphic views of your network. No more drawing your network using labour-intensive CAD applications.

With KONFIG® NM's bulk data load tools a typical 8 to 12 month implementation cycle can be reduced to 1 to 3 months. You can bulk-load connectivity, geometry, spatial and asset information directly into KONFIG® NM's database from vitually and electronic data source, including:

  • spreadsheets
  • databases
  • flat files
  • CAD drawings, and
  • LNMPs

Through the auto discovery mode in LNMPs, electronic data can be reformatted and loaded directly into KONFIG® NM's database schema.

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