Products: KONFIG® NM
KONFIG® NM Network Manager is the choice for network professionals throughout the world. Developed by a team of graphics experts, database designers, software engineers and network professionals, KONFIG® NM offers your company the capability to document and manage complex networks for telecommunications, data, voice, video and other communications systems.

KONFIG® NM is advanced software for companies who are looking to cut costs and improve the reliability of their mission critical, communications network. KONFIG® NM is database-driven, documenting all network data in a centralized ORACLE® database and automatically generating graphics views of the network from the data.

KONFIG® NM's unmatched and unique capabilities include:
  • Powerful data input
  • Centralized network information
  • Database driven graphics
  • Strong integration platform
  • Comprehensive 3rd party gateways
  • Support for LAN, MAN and WAN
KONFIG® NM features:
Powerful data input
  • Automatic data load for all network components
  • Bulk load from any data source including:
    • CAD drawings
    • electronic file systems
    • databases
    • spreadsheets
    • logical network management platforms
    • other 3rd party programs
  • Load data from laptops
Centralized network information
  • Network data stored once
  • Multi-user access
  • checkout and lock data for update
  • Data integrity assured
Database driven graphics
  • Standard Oracle RDBMS implementation
  • Single, shared data model
  • Automatic graphics generation from the database
  • Up-to-date network displays
Strong integration platform
  • Fully documented database schema
  • Robust API with over250 Ccallable routines
  • Menu bar integration
  • Interfaces to other databases
  • Support for heterogeneous environments
Comprehensive 3rd party gateways
  • Hewlett Packard's OpenView
  • Certified with SunNet Manager - SunSoft Power Partner
  • Certified with IBM's NetView/6000
  • Sun's Enterprise Manager -SOLSTIVE compatible
  • Cabletron's Spectrum
  • Remedy's Action Request System
Operating systems
  • HP-UX
  • Sun Solaris
  • Sun O/S
KONFIG® NM can be used for:
Configuration management
  • Cable and wire management
  • Circuit management
  • Moves/adds/change management
  • Service Requests
  • Work order management
Fault management
  • Problem tracking and resolution
  • Work order processing
  • Help desk
  • Trouble ticketing
Asset and inventory management
  • Asset tracking
  • Charge backs
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Vendor management
  • Order processing
You can expect these benefits and more:
  • Accurate record keeping
  • Decreased design costs and network expenses
  • Decreased network downtime
  • Facilitated decision-making
  • Facilitated planning
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved network availability
  • Proactive network management
  • Increased competitive edge

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