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Protect your assets
As your networks become more expensive, the importance of tracking network assets for inventory and cost control grows. KONFIG® NM's integrated graphics and Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) provide organizations with easy accessto accurate information for all network assets.

On-screen asset information is available with point-and-click operations or users can generate detailed reports from any combination of attribute data. Users can add their own attributes and user-defined tables to track vital asset information - such as hardware and software configurations.

MACs for network growth become faster and easier and costly purchases of unnecessary equipment are eliminated. With KONFIG® NM you can control inventory, determine network costs and gather data to bill for network services.

Reduce downtime

Networks are both strategic and complex. Because changing a network affects many people and departments throughout a company, it's vital to manage this process efficiently. MACs are not only costly to implement, but they can interrupt network communications. KONFIG® NM's optional workflow capability helps you build a process for handling MACs through service requests and work orders.

Whether you face planned or unplanned network downtime, it costs you money.The more information you have about your network, the faster you can get it back up and running. KONFIG® NM becomes an ally against the ravages of system downtime, giving you the power to configure your system so you have fewer problems.

KONFIG® NM provides total control of your data and communication network for optimum performance and uptime.

Reduce costs and maximise profits

KONFIG® NM gives you control over network operation, assets and changes. It allows you to be pro-active instead of reactive when it comes to managing your network. Such overall control of your network saves you money and allows you to be more competitive.

When you have unexpected problems, KONFIG® NM protects your investment by giving you a single source of information to warn you of problems before they happen.

We've built a reputation of trust

We are experienced engineers with a successful track record and a reputation for reliable service and training. For more than 30 years, we've put together engineering methodologies and technology to produce answers for our customers' complex automation and computing problems. KONFIG® NM's unique architecture provides the solution to maximize your company's network productivity in a highly competitive world.

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