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KONFIG® NM's powerful and open architecture brings all of your network data together in a unique and easily accessible database-driven system. This means up-to-date network information is always at your fingertips to help you make critical and timely decisions.

Most network management systems can't consolidate information for multi-vendor networks. Those systems offer no single source where data can be retrieved, so users must constantly search different sources for data. Systems that store graphic and nongraphic information in different databases force users to retrieve it that way, bringing up graphics even when only nongraphic information is needed. That also means users must redraw their graphics when updating information - an inefficient and time-intensive process.

While such systems use too many control points, KONFIG® NM provides a single, comprehensive repository for network information. KONFIG® NM's unique database-driven system builds a data model of your network with graphic views generated automatically from an ORACLE® database. KONFIG® NM gives you:

  • Scalability for enterprise-wide networks
  • Easy bulk-loading of existing data
  • Central repository for all network data
  • Multipleuser access to all network information

This single database-driven system means that no matter how extensive your network is, you have the ability to quickly retrieve and update all information about your telecommunications, video and data network. With KONFIG® NM, your company is always working with the most up-to-date information.

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