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The information management needs of an organization whose mission is to explore the universe are undeniably among the most enormous and complex imaginable. The system that was designed to meet these extreme demands was the forerunner of KONFIG® CM (formally CENTRA 2000®). Built on technology originally developed for the U.S. space program, KONFIG® CM has become the proven solution to the information and process management challenges of discrete manufacturing, petrochemical and other contemporary businesses world-wide. Many who helped sow the seeds for this powerful system in the aerospace industry continue to play an instrumental role in its evolution today.

With KONFIG® CM, Auto-trol further augments its 35-year history of providing advanced technology for a number of applications, including network configuration, asset management and technical illustration. A legacy that is built on our reputation for offering exceptional products backed by comprehensive support and responsive service, and one that is founded on an unparalleled understanding of our clients' businesses and a firm commitment to their success. All of which have earned Auto-trol a leading position in the industry, with numerous sales and support offices located around the globe.

It's not easy to compete in today's complex, competitive and rapidly changing market place. More than ever, customers are demanding superior product at increasingly competitive prices. Regulatory agencies are enforcing strict adherence to industry standards. Organisations are being asked to improve quality, streamline operations, tighten schedules and contain costs.

How can you ensure your company's success under these challenging conditions? With KONFIG® CM from Auto-trol Technology. This comprehensive system answers the ever-increasing information management needs of today's businesses with a robust and powerful range of electronic document and product management solutions.

Consider the advantages. Developed for enterprise-wide, large-scale applications, KONFIG® CM adapts readily to specific industry environments, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming customization. It features off-the-shelf functionality and a user-friendly design, enabling rapid implementation for an accelerated return on investment. It offers a large, flexible feature set and enterprise architecture, accomodating today's needs while allowing for easy expansion to meet tomorrow's.

Most importantly, however, KONFIG® CM provides all the tools it takes to allow immediate access to current and legacy data, ensure the security of critical documents and optimize workflow. Consequently, it's proven to improve quality, reduce costs, boost productivity, speed time-to-market, increase market share, and facilitate regulatory compliance in companies around the world. In just one hands-on session, you can see for yourself why KONFIG® CM should be the choice of your organization as well.

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