This section contains information about Centra Technology's product and services range.


konfig cm logoKONFIG® CM, formally known as CENTRA 2000®, is a premier Product Data Management (PDM), Electronic Document Management (EDM) and Workflow system specifically designed to solve the complex problems facing engineering, manufacturing, technical publishing, petrochemicals and other operations.
konfig nm logoKONFIG® NM is the result of pioneering efforts in Physical Network Management (PNM). Based on industry standards, KONFIG® NM provide the network professional with an array of easy-to-use tools and utilities.
Tech Illustrator
tech illustrator logoTech Illustrator Plus is the flagship of the electronic publishing product line. Powerful drawing, editing and annotation tools designed for professional tech illustrators enable creation of precise illustration graphics that accurately communicate product views.
geostation logoGEOSTATION®/GIS is a powerful and robust petroleum resource database management and mapping system. The advanced graphics and standard cartographic routines maximise exploration efficiency and help realise oil and gas flow quickly.
gtworks logoGTWorks is a comprehensive 3-D CAD/CAM system for design, documentation and manufacturing.
Consultative Services
Getting the most from a new computer system requires careful planning. Our support team will help users to maximise the return on their investment at all stages during a project. This assistance is maintained during the lifecycle of the product and ensures that optimum productivity is acheived at all times. For more information, click here.