GEOSTATION® has been designed to operate in concert with the corporate RDBMS; whether it be structured in an industry standard format such as PPDM or IRIS21, or in a company's internal data format.

By adhering to industry standards, GEOSTATION® also integrates with other explorations systems through translators or application specific interfaces.

GEOSTATION® is a tool that provides the exploration professional the ability to:

  • develop and confirm theories while honoring known data
  • quickly compare and contrast interpretation themes
  • look beyond the pure analysis to get a feel for the project
  • probe a hunch from different aspects
  • present the results using cartographic quality output such as maps, cross-sections and montages of multiple themes


The petroleum industry uses many tools. For optimum performance, these tools must work in concert with one another. GEOSTATION® is designed to do just that. GEOSTATION® is an enterprise-wide solution allowing the exploration profressional to work in harmony with a wide range of tools, allowing access to all available exploration and production data.


GEOSTATION®'s powerful, integrated graphics, and database query facility, provides the professional with tight linkage to their corporate and project databases from a graphical viewpoint. Compliant with ANSI standard Structured Query Language (SQL), and accessed through a MOTIF based Graphical User Interface, this feature provides easy access to queries from the most simple, to the most complex.

While the integration of spatial representation within SQL gives professionals tremendous power over their data, it is the interface to this functionality that truly makes GEOSTATION® a solution that can be exploited by the professional.


Integrated Surface Modelling allows the explorationist to quickly model and analyse the wide variety of information brought together within GEOSTATION®. Data from the corporate or project databases, as well as time, depth, or other values from the other applications, can be used to post, model, analyse, and refine the interpretation.

Results from the Surface Modelling module may be visualised as familiar contour maps, colour flooded images, or as 3-dimensional representations such as surface or fence diagrams. The results are easy to visualize and insure the appropriate presentation of the explorationist's findings.


Bringing it all together into the GEOSTATION® environment enables the explorationist to view the results of many tools and fellow professionals in a single easy-to-use format.

Since so much data is now available digitally, GEOSTATION® accepts a variety of industry standard data formats. From well logs to surface grids, GEOSTATION® accepts data from all of the most popular tools available.

Older paper based maps or documents may be scanned or digitized into GEOSTATION®. Whether it's raster or vector, GEOSTATION® can work with the results equally well. GEOSTATION® gives the professional an easy way to integrate the variety of data sources into an organized fashion.


As the saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words", and in the end it's the presentation of your efforts which will be measured. Nothing available can do it better than GEOSTATION®.

GEOSTATION® portrays your data and interpretations clearly, and exactly as you want it, so you can get your message across.

Global Functionality

GEOSTATION®'s advanced query and graphical presentation capabilities provide an enterprise-wide unified work environment for dealing with prospect generation for any corner of the world.

For further details, contact Centra Technology, or visit the GEOSTATION®/GIS web-site.