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Auto-trol Technology Delivers Latest Release of KONFIG® NM Products to Help Document and Manage NSA's Worldwide Network, NSANet

KONFIG® NM Graphic Report Builder Delivers Intelligent Schematics of the Network

Denver, Colorado
September 25, 2001

Auto-trol Technology Corporation today announced that it has delivered release 3.2.1 of the KONFIG® NM suite of products to the National Security Agency (NSA) to assist in documenting and managing the NSA's worldwide network, NSANet. KONFIG® NM Graphic Report Builder, part of the KONFIG® NM suite of physical network documentation and management products, will deliver intelligent schematics of the network.

"The NSA has been a long-standing customer and partner of Auto-trol Technology," said William Beichley, Business Development Manager for KONFIG. "Working with the NSA allows Auto-trol to continue to advance the state of the art in network documentation and configuration management that is required to enable safe, secure operating environments within the Department of Defense (DoD)."

Auto-trol's KONFIG® NM line is a suite of products for network configuration and asset management, physical inventory, network documentation, and connectivity tracking. The KONFIG®  suite of applications uses the Oracle® relational database to model and store network information and can generate graphic views of the network based on the information stored in the database. The KONFIG® NM suite of applications is composed of five products: KONFIG®  Asset Management System, KONFIG®  Network Manager, KONFIG®  Pathfinder, KONFIG®  Graphic Report Builder, and the KONFIG®  Pathfinder Server. KONFIG® NM and KONFIG®  Graphic Report Builder are key components for the infrastructure management modernization project at the NSA.

KONFIG® NM Network Manager acts as the database server providing large organizations with a centralized data repository for documenting enterprise-wide data, voice and video networks. The KONFIG® NM network data model simplifies network design, configuration management and problem resolution, in addition to performing asset and inventory management. KONFIG® NM is database-driven, storing all network data in Oracle and automatically generating graphic network views from the data. KONFIG's centralized data repository eliminates redundant data, improves data reliability, ensures data integrity, and facilitates data sharing across business areas. As a result KONFIG® NM can help reduce network downtime, improve worker productivity, cut expenses and increase profits.

KONFIG® NM stores the network model in Oracle's relational database, and uses embedded SQL and the ODBC interface to access and update the model. Graphic views of the network infrastructure are generated automatically from the data model. Several types of views can be produced including logical, physical, facility and device views. Users may add tables and attributes to the model and build data entry forms and create custom reports using Oracle

KONFIG® NM Graphic Report Builder is a Window NT based tool for creating graphical reports and custom drawings from KONFIG's database. The reports (e.g. schematic drawings) can be saved and managed using Auto-trol's electronic document management software, KONFIG® CM (formally CENTRA 2000®). These graphic reports represent another view into KONFIG's data model and can be output in the same fashion as textual reports, ad hoc queries or other types of graphic views. KONFIG® NM Graphic Report Builder was originally developed for the NSA to replace legacy software that was not Y2K compliant.

Company background

Established in 1962, Auto-trol Technology Corporation is a major global developer and integrator of network design, documentation, and asset management systems for the government, utility, financial, insurance, and manufacturing industries. For nearly 40 years, Auto-trol has been providing technology solutions to help companies automate their business processes including design of networks and cable plants and asset management for network and computing equipment. Based in Denver, Colorado, Auto-trol has offices and distributors throughout the world and has installed systems for thousands of customers in both domestic and international markets. Auto-trol is a full service provider, supplying software, integration and consulting services, training, and software support. Information about Auto-trol Technology and its products and services can be found on the Internet at Information about KONFIG® NM can be found at Information about KONFIG® CM (formally CENTRA 2000®) can be found at

Centra Technology Ltd. is the wholly owned UK subsidiary of Auto-Trol Technology Corporation of Denver, Colorado, a 40 year old computer-aided engineering and technical publishing software developer and systems integrator. From its headquarters in Wolverhampton, Centra Technology Ltd. sells and supports Auto-Trol's KONFIG® CM (formally CENTRA 2000®) and Tech Illustrator software suites as well as the GEOSTATION® petroleum exploration and production geographic information system (GIS).


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