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Auto-trol Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

New Releases of Auto-trol Products Will Mark the Company's Forty Years as a Business Solutions Provider

Denver, Colorado
January 15, 2002

Auto-trol Technology today announced the 40th anniversary of the company's founding. Established in the Denver area on 15 January 1962, Auto-trol's first product was a digitizer manufactured in the suburban garage of the company founder, Bill Barnes. Mr. Barnes named the company Auto-trol as a shortened version of automated control, which he had given to a product he developed in the 1950s. The company is planning to hold a celebration later this year, in conjunction with a User Group Conference for its KONFIG® CM (formally CENTRA 2000®) products. Details of the conference and anniversary celebration will be announced at a later date. The company is also planning to release new versions of all of its products this year, including KONFIG® CM, KONFIG® NM, Tech Illustrator, and GEOSTATION®.

In recent years, the company has focused on software development and integration of products for electronic publishing, configuration management, and physical network management. In its early years, Auto-trol manufactured hardware and software for drafting, marrying its original digitizer and flatbed plotter with minicomputers and display terminals. In 1973, the Hillman Trust purchased Auto-trol. That same year, Auto-trol emerged as a pioneer in the fledgling CAD industry by announcing Auto-Draft, one of the first turnkey graphics systems available. Throughout the 1970s, the CAD industry expanded at a rapid rate, and Auto-trol expanded along with it. In January 1979, Auto-trol's initial public offering was completed. Also in 1979, Auto-trol became the first company to market technical publishing applications to be used to produce the complex technical illustrations needed for service manuals, parts catalogs, and engineering documentation. Auto-trol continues that rich tradition today with its Tech Illustrator products.

Auto-trol's history is one of entrepreneurship, growth, leadership, struggle, and perseverance. The company continues to meet the challenges of a dynamic industry with vision and purpose, and the company's president and CEO, Howard Hillman, remains optimistic and committed to Auto-trol's future. "Auto-trol's 40th anniversary is a tribute to the thousands of employees and customers who have transformed Auto-trol from a digitizer supplier to a position of excellence in graphics and information management systems. We will work even harder in this new millennium to be an outstanding partner in the development and implementation of productive, collaborative business solutions."

Company background

Auto-trol Technology Corporation is a major global developer and integrator of electronic publishing, documentation, network management, and configuration management systems for government agencies and contemporary business organizations worldwide. Based in Denver, Colorado, Auto-trol has offices and distributors throughout the world and has installed systems for thousands of customers in both domestic and international markets. Auto-trol is a full service provider, supplying software, professional services, training, and software support. Information about Auto-trol Technology and its products and services can be found at Information on Auto-trol's products can be found at,,, and, and

Centra Technology Ltd. is the wholly owned UK subsidiary of Auto-Trol Technology Corporation of Denver, Colorado, a 40 year old computer-aided engineering and technical publishing software developer and systems integrator. From its headquarters in Wolverhampton, Centra Technology Ltd. sells and supports Auto-Trol's KONFIG® CM (formally CENTRA 2000®) and Tech Illustrator software suites as well as the GEOSTATION® petroleum exploration and production geographic information system (GIS).


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