Case Studies: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine chose KONFIG® NM to manage its new network
Founded nearly 100 years ago in London, England, the London School of Hygine and Tropicxal Medicine (the "School") is today one of the world's foremost institutions of its kind. The School's mission is to contribute to the improvement of health worldwide through the pursuit of excellence in research, postgraduate teaching, advance training, and consuling services in international heath and tropical medicine.

The excellence that the School pursues in its work is not restricted to its research and academic activities. That fact was evident when the School decided, in 1994 to replace and moderize its entire voice and data communications network.

A vital aspect of that project is the KONFIG® NM system supplied and implemented by Auto-trol Technology Corporation's wholly owned subsiduary in the United Kingdom, Centra Technology Limited.

The New Network

Using screened twisted pair Ethernet cabling capable of supporting 800 nodes, plus 75 nodes on a fibre optic backbone, and another 75 backup nodes, the new network is fully mirrored to provide resillience. Currently it supports over 500 clients (mostly PC's but also including some Macs and Sun workstations), including:

  • 3 Sun SPARC 10 UNIX servers
  • 16 Intel-based Novell Network servers
  • 1 Lotus Notes server
With the data Centre situated in the main building in Keppel Street, the Data Centre Ethernet switch provides external links to the School's Gower Street premises three-quarters of a mile away via a 10-Mbit/sec microwave circuit. There is also a laser-link connection to another nearer site capable of 100-Mbit/sec, but currently running at 10-Mbit/sec.

The main Keppel Street building also provides 10-Mbit/sec fibre optic connections to:

  • An FDDI-based metropolitan area network (MAN)
  • A second building in Taverton Street
  • SuperJanet, the UK-wide universities network

Additionally, Cable London provides a 2-Mbit/sec cable for voice and backup data services between Data Centre and Taverton Street. ISDN service provides communication for off-site personnel. A full application dial-up service running under Windows NT is also provided, with full internet access.

SunNet Manager provides SNMP error code detection and reporting.

Physical and Logical network management

The KONFIG® network management system, which uses the ORACLE relational database and interfaces to SunNet manager, is designed to provide the School with both logical and physical network management facilities and a graphical window into the network database.

KONFIG® displays the physical network infrastructure - including devices, equipment, cabling, and ID references - over the building floor plan in 2D or 3D. KONFIG® automatically shows the network support staff precisely where everything is located.

When faults are detected, KONFIG®'s interface to SunNet Manager can graphically display affected devices in their physical locations, and can also provide a fault report. Because KONFIG® manages all network connectivity, it can also display affected cable runs and other equipment.

Alternatively, a network manager can click on any device or cable run on the displayed floor plan and have KONFIG® generate a database report on the selected item.