Case Studies: Illinois Power
KONFIG® NM came through for Illinois Power
 The Illinois Power and Nuclear Program in Clinton, Illinois, chose KONFIG® NM after spending nearly eight months trying to get their Category 5 network documented and modeled with another Physical Network Management (PNM) system. With the project at the Clinton Power Station stalling and a deadline approaching, Computer Operations Specialist Dan O'Nan called Auto-trol.

Using KONFIG® NM, O'Nan was able to rescue the project. KONFIG® NM and its unique database architecture stood out, offering features that met the necessary specifications and beyond, said O'Nan. Illinois Power, a subsidiary of Illinova, was able to solve its problems without exceeding its budget.

Unlike other CAD base products, KONFIG® NM allowed Illinois Power to capture and load data first, then develop graphical information later.

"The problem we had with the other system was that we had to do the graphics portion before we loaded the database." O'Nan said. "If there was a compatibility problem with the graphic portion - and there was - you couldn't load any information. It was a huge liability. We never could load the data into our database."

"KONFIG® NM had the advantage because we got the meat of what we wanted into the database right away"
-Dan O'Nan, Computer Operations Specialist, Illinois Power and Nuclear

Another impressive feature was KONFIG® NM's use of an ORACLE database, O'Nan said. The software offered database tables designed in a way that was consistent with those needed by Illinois Power.

"It's a money issue," O'Nan said. "With the graphics compatibility problem, we were stalled. Auto-trol came in on schedule and under their estimated price with KONFIG® NM and delivered additional features compatible with our system beyond the original specs. We found Auto-trol was attentive and they had the necessary talent to address our technical problems."