Working in many industries
Major suppliers to the automotive industry benefit from Centra Technology's ability to link its system to the wide variety used by vehicle manufacturers, whilst using a system specific to their own activity.
Centra Technology has powerful instruments for both conceptual design and the detailed design of components and plastic mould tools. These are compatible with mould flow software systems for flow analysis.
From engineering design to manufacture, data management to publishing, facilities control and management, leading aerospace manufacturers rely on Centra Technology systems.
From component design to progression tooling and discrete manufacture, and from PCB design to technical illustration, Centra Technology has a solution.
The conceptual design, engineering and tooling of hospital equipment is carried out using Centra Technology's products for quality, accuracy and reliability.
Consumer Products
Conceptual design and the early visualisation of new ideas is used in the consumer field to speed up the development and marketing. Once in the system, rapid updating and modernisation is simple.
Process engineering products from Centra Technology take account of the unique process engineering design cycle - these are not re-named mechanical engineering products but solutions achieved with the help of process engineers and designers.